Learning Collaboratives

MeHI’s Learning Collaboratives offer a forum for stakeholders to discuss topics that challenge the healthcare community, share their experiences, and develop innovative resources to help healthcare professionals address complex issues. MeHI hosts the Learning Collaboratives based on topics identified in cooperation with participants.

The goal of each Learning Collaborative is twofold:

  • Bring together a diverse group of participants, representing multiple healthcare specialties from geographic areas across the Commonwealth, to offer their unique perspectives on the selected topic; and
  • Use those perspectives to generate a comprehensive set of resources that can be shared with the broader healthcare community.

To suggest a topic or join a future Learning Collaborative, please Contact Us.

Fall 2016 series: Behavioral Health Information-Sharing

MeHI worked with representatives from a total of 18 healthcare organizations to develop tools to facilitate information-sharing in Behavioral Health settings. Tools were designed to help providers communicate the benefits of sharing patient information to both patients and other providers, and to consider clinical and legal considerations associated with Behavioral Health disclosures.

The resources generated through this Learning Collaborative include:

  • a consent template;
  • an informational handout for patients; and
  • three discussion documents for providers.

The communication tools were developed and vetted by members of the Learning Collaborative and reviewed by legal counsel. They are provided below in editable format to allow organizations to customize the documents with their name, logo, and contact information. MeHI advises against making substantive changes to the content, unless those changes are reviewed and approved by an organization’s own legal representatives.


Administrator FAQs
Consent Template
Patient Handout
Patient Talking Points
Provider Discussion Document

Planning to put these tools to use in your organization? Please contact us to learn more about the opportunity to give your feedback through our pilot program.