RFI for Sharing of ACP Documents

Best Practices, Policies and Solutions for Electronic Capture, Storage, and Sharing of Advance Care Planning Documents

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (“Mass Tech Collaborative”), on behalf of Massachusetts eHealth Institute (“MeHI”), is issuing this Request for Information for Sharing of Advance Care Planning (ACP) Documents to solicit responses from interested parties in the field of capturing and sharing advance care planning documents electronically.

The Massachusetts eHealth Institute, a non-divisible component of the Mass Tech Collaborative, in collaboration with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs (“EOEA”) and the Massachusetts Coalition on Serious Illness Care (“the Coalition”) is interested in ways to advance the Coalition’s goals of ensuring that patients’ wishes, preferences and goals of care are both documented and made accessible regardless of place of care.

This initiative examines how Massachusetts might use technology to innovate ways that providers can reliably share ACP documents electronically – across systems and platforms – and improve the ability of clinicians, emergency medical services, and other caregivers to quickly and reliably identify a person’s wishes and care preferences.  Through this undertaking we will examine current best practices, learn what is feasible on the technology side, examine what would be the most clinically useful, and brainstorm possible technological and/or policy solutions.

We are issuing this Request for Information (“RFI”) for interested parties to provide information and data that will help inform development of a direction or course of action.  We hope to gather specific information about architectural approaches to solving these problems and about existing technologies as well as evidence of both their efficacy and cost.  We would like to hear about possible solutions to the current challenges to digitizing and sharing these documents, ensuring that the content of these ACP conversations are clearly documented and accessible across health care settings.

Through this initiative, including the information gathered in this RFI, we plan to ultimately make recommendations to the Commonwealth for a path toward ensuring the optimum method of electronic sharing of ACP documents, including but not limited to POLST/MOLST forms, living wills, health care proxies, and other powers of attorney.

Request for Information for Sharing of ACP Documents (PDF)

Q&A Document - updated 9.7.2017

July 31, 2017

RFI Issued

September 1, 2017

Deadline for all questions and clarification inquiries, preferably submitted via email to proposals@masstech.org

1 week after receipt

Deadline for all answers to Respondents questions

September 15, 2017

Responses due by 3:00 p.m. via email to proposals@masstech.org